Project Details:

Locations: Milan, IT; Perugia, IT; Palermo, IT

Budget: n/a

Funding: n/a

Project Years: 2011-2015

Status: Completed

Contact: Elena Dragonetti


THE INVISIBLE MARKET is a project hanging in the balance between social and artistic research, which aims to explore the space that normally divides these two disciplines. The project is not willing to assemble methods from both fields, making a mix of them, but intends to experience a new sight, finding out new methodologies applicable to different social contexts.

THE MARKET has been chosen as a point of departure for our research, and as a theater for performance. Historically, the market has been the main square, the place for exchanges, a natural theater, an open-air museum: the market is a microcosm of the urban landscape with all physical, human, geographic and temporal features. The performance goes out, into the square, onto the streets, it reflects the reality and its dialogue with the reality.  The market become an exposition and performance place at the same time, where the public and actors overlap.

WE ARE A GROUP of dreamers, architects, urban planners, dancers and performers, visual anthropologist and filmmakers, and through an open workshop, we have been including locals who are interested in the project.  We are using our multidisciplinary group to multiply points of view, to create a constructive dialog between dance, architecture and video, which allow us to experience a complex language developed on multiple levels.

THE FORMAT is a workshop in which a group, composed of at least one non-local dancer, filmmaker and architect, explores the market place together with a group of local dancers, architects or videomakers. The product of the workshop will hopefully be the result of different points of view: local and non-local views, and physical, architectural and visual perspectives. In our opinion, this collaboration is a fruitful way that can enrich how the market place is perceived both for insiders and outsiders. In the best circumstance, the final performance can bring new insight and open possibilities of development for the place and its inhabitants.

THE WORKSHOP aims to build up a fertile and respectful sharing ground. During the workshop, we will focus our attention on the material and immaterial exchange that take place in and during the market which are not perceived because it is hidden: people, storytelling, memories, and individual and collective pathways. We will experiment with perceiving the space with the whole body as a complex sensorial system.  We will use methods and instruments of dancers’ and performers’ training, applied to research that reflects the stages of an anthropological study, the first of which involves diving into the place: exploring it alone or in group, walking and making different pathways.  This is followed by the collection of information, histories, stories, and memories in order to build a collective plot.  At its conclusion, we will choose several elements that came out of the research and will work on their performative interpretations: either as a performance, a video installation or a narration.

WE WOULD LIKE TO give back, to art, the sensitive and political role to enlighten, reimagine and redesign reality. By returning to performance, we will facilitate a dialogue between the context and some of the potentialities of this specific context that, through the repetition of the everyday routine, risks becoming invisible.  With that, we hope we could open new horizons and perspectives within the individual or as a collective imagination, as well as in future practice.

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