Project Details:

Location: Milan, IT

Budget: € x.xxx.xx

Funding: € x.xxx.xx

Project Year: Ongoing

Status: Call for Participants

Contact: Carlo Venegoni

DIRE MANGIARE PROGETTARE – A co-design journey at school!

A co-design process taking place in 2017 asks designers and primary schools in the metropolitan areas of Milan, Verese, Monza and Brianza to reinterpret the furniture and objects found in a typical school canteen, promoting the idea that participation can be both an educational and a design tool.

DIRE MANGIARE PROGETTARE is a project that implements a co-design process involving primary school classes and designers: the goal of the project is to innovate the school canteen experience and to reinterpret its environment through a participative process for redesign of the furniture and objects usually found therein–a co-designed intervention that aims to create a space where educational activity (linked not only to food and nutrition, but also to the many other topics with which they intertwine) can take place.  The project was presented in detail by the project organizers and promoters at La Triennale di Milano, which provided the opportunity for several design groups (Il Vespaio, PACO Design Collaborative), who have already put the fundamental tools of co-design and participation into practice, to generate discussion over the roles that these tools play in community empowerment and in the design project itself.  We are currently in an open call for participants, with opportunities for both student classes and designers.

For more information, please visit the official project website: http://diremangiareprogettare.it/