cure_logo_about_pageCURE – Creativity for Urban and Rural Empowerment is a cultural association formed in Italy in 2016, whose goal is to stimulate, accompany, support and communicate collective processes for territorial re-generation and development.

With the aid of local participatory workshops, it conducts action-research that addresses territorial and social issues in dialogue with urban and rural milieus, enabling experimentation and cross-contamination amongst the different disciplines that shape our relationship between the land and its people: arts, architecture and design, planning and agronomy, geography and anthropology.

CURE Cultural Association Co-founders

bio-pic-ca Carlo Venegoni is an architect and independent researcher based in Berlin and Milan. Trained as an architect in Italy & France, his activities engage architecture and territorial realities as an object of research, incorporating other disciplines such as dance and performing arts. Carlo is interested in fostering collaboration among creative disciplines and triggering local communities to enact creative processes. He is currently involved in research and curatorial projects focusing on urban re-activation and participatory, bottom-up processes. Carlo is the co-author of the book, “Re-Act Tools for Urban Re-Activation” (Deleyva, 2016), which researched urban re-activation in Europe. Within this framework, Carlo has organized and curated workshops, public debates and conferences in Italy and abroad.




bio-pic-elElena Dragonetti studied psychology and worked as a social educator in Milan & Barcelona. After university, she developed a passion for theater and dance: in 2008, she began a 3-year professional program at CRT, Milan. Since 2009, she has devoted herself to the management of theater programs (ScigheraTeatro) and the creation of solo and group projects dealing with social and urban issues. In 2013, she moved to Berlin for the Dance Intensive Program at TanzFabrik, focusing on somatic approaches to movement. Her current interests are the relation of body with space; architectures and the city; and memory, space and migrations.





cureFrancesca Marconi  has been developing personal projects dealing with the experimentation and cross-contamination of contemporary art languages, with a special focus on the social and geographical borderlands. She had B.A. in Art and Dance-Theatre and a master in Cinema. She is one of the founders of Almescabre Company and has created installations, video and performances presented in several European Festivals. She has lived and worked for three years in Buenos Aires, where she developed an art projects in a slum. After returning to Milan she started to collaborate with the Department of Contemporary Art Education at Careof and ViaFarini. She hasbeen part of the Urban Heat Program since 2016, a network of festivals and artists in 11 countries engaged with local communities in suburban areas.




bio-pic-roRobert Gaspard received his Master of Architecture in 2011 from the University of Texas at Austin and his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Texas A&M University in 2005.  His background in psychology and architecture provides a foundation for his human-oriented approach to design, which also reaches out to underrepresented communities and demographics through altruism, activism, interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, and participatory action research. Robert was a copy editor and translator for the book “Re-Act Tools for Urban Re-Activation” (Deleyva, 2016), which dealt with urban reactivation and civic engagement in a European context. His work has been exhibited and published internationally, and he is regularly invited to sit on design juries in both the United States and Europe.



bio-pic-glGloria Bosini is a social worker for community theater, designing cultural interventions in the social sphere and specializing in research and drafting notices for non-profits. A graduate in the Science of Cultural Heritage at the University of Milan and Social & Community Theatre at the DAMS in Torino, she also worked as a theater worker in different social contexts with groups of children, adolescents, and the elderly, and has collaborated with several theaters and companies in Milan as a worker and organizer. Gloria led theater workshops in secondary and high schools for LAIV projects funded by the Cariplo Foundation and the Teatro Litta in Milan. She has attended advanced actors training courses, and has contributed as playwright, director, and actress in numerous shows and performances for adults and children.



bio-pic-guGuglielmo Caretti is an urban planner based in Milan.  After university, he participated in a landscape reconstruction project for the open spaces around the foothill highway route and began specializing in environmental design interventions while gaining experience as a freelancer for public administrations, associations and cultural organizations.  At the Cariplo Foundation, he worked as project manager, planner and facility manager to promote sustainable mobility policy management, multifunctional agriculture and soil conservation. For Milan EXPO 2015, he collaborated on landscaping & design projects and provided administrative assistance. Guglielmo promotes a multi-scale approach to the sustainable development of the territory by utilizing economic, social and environmental approaches.